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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dome Upgrade

Great news for me! I just made some prop sales and was able to pick up a set of C & D 300mm domes and ring. Now that I am upgrading to a more correct dome than the old Aspects I need to pick up a Rockler bearing too. All in good time.

C & D domes (for the uninitiated) are styrene vac formed domes of the correct size and dimensions. The styrene ring is the lower part of the dome. In all-metal versions of the dome the ring would be part of the spun metal dome. The extra depth probably makes a good vac-form pull too difficult.

The nice thing about these styrene domes and ring is four fold. 1. I can paint them separately 2. The ring has the Rockler bearing mounting holes pre-marked, 3. Since the ring is a solid disk, there is no need to build inner supports for the dome, though I imagine I’ll need to cut some of it out in order to have access to the electronics I will be mounting in the dome, and 4. A two layer dome of the correct size is just so much better than retrofitting the Aspects dome to a correctly sized R2 body, which was what I was planning on doing.

Pictures will be forthcoming as they have not arrived yet.

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