Replica Movie Props

Monday, November 29, 2010

Finally, Some Real Progress After a Dry Spell

I got some shoulder and leg work done over the holiday. I got the shoulders pretty much done. They have been skinned in the .040" styrene with an outer layer of 1/16” thick aluminum held in place mostly by 3M VHB tape and a little glue at the ends where the seam is. You can just see the finished shoulders behind the legs in the lower pictures of the legs.

The legs are all assembled and drilled, but I need to fill in some areas and even some others out with a little filing and sanding before skinning. While I do that I have started assembling the main ankles (not pictured.)

One thing I have noticed is that the bolts that stick up into the leg where the shoulder hub will go seem way too long. I am wondering if they need to be cut down to accommodate the shoulder bolt. I need to pick up a set of resin shoulder hubs to confirm the lengths for cut-off.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Budget Red/Blue Blinker

Thanks to a tip from Jamie Papinchak on I picked up a couple of snowman Christmas decorations with a red/blue LED flasher built into it. I took a picture of the blinker removed from the decoration and made a short youtube video of it in action. It's not the best option for your droid, but for the budget builder, it seems like a fine alternative. Now to find a green/yellow snowman blinker...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Proof of Life - Shoulders

I promised my droid building was not dead! Though I have nothing super amazing to report, I did get the mounting holes for my shoulders drilled, counter-sunk, and assembled last night. here's a quick cell phone shot of it. More to come.