Replica Movie Props

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Paint, Skins, Body, Frame, oh my!

Ok, finally some updates, but fiirst here's what I am not going to tell you about yet. Not yet pictured but needing to be posted about. In other words, these are upcoming: R2’s voice sound system, leg skinning.

I found my color. Hard to show in a picture, but the cup on the right has a base coat of very fine primer, an even coat of metallic gold, and topped with a Testors green auto model paint.

What I do have to show. Got some frame and body work done. I got the top and bottom frame disks done. Here’s the top:

To get the A&A skins to fit (they were a little big) I had to figure out the sizing and trim the sides. My thanks to David L. for the detailed instructions to do this properly. I had to trim the edges then trace the untrimmed shoulder circle onto the trimmed skin to get the right size and vice versa.

Once I got the skins to fit, I traced out all the things I need to cut out of the PVC body tube. Then I used my drill and saw to cut out all the bits from the base of the tube. I left these cut outs pretty rough for now. Then I marked up the bottom frame ring where the power couplers and octagon ports will interfere with it. These areas will have to be routed to make room for the resin parts I have to go in there.