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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Best wife ever

This weekend is both my 31st birthday and my 6th anniversary. We spent yesterday just doing stuff together ending the day with a trip to a small town west of us called Mooresville, with my sister and her husband. He has family there. There is an apple orchard we wanted to visit. Anyways, we decided to eat down there and while waiting for our reservations we wandered around the small old fashioned main street.

We went into a game store and visited with some friends of my bro-in-law's. While I was in the back room talking with some of the gamers my wife was poking around the shelves of the shop up front and found this little gem and bought it for me. as a birthday/anniversary gift. God I love her so much!

The little 1977 model has all it's original pieces, assembly instuctions and the original box. The decals will have to be recreated, which shouldn't be too hard. I am actually impressed with the detail, despite the innacuracies. It's designed with a rotating dome, extendable computer arm in the long right side panel, 2-3-2 leg configuration with rollers in the feet and a removable rear panel with some made up inner machinery exposed when opened.

Frame Uprights

I got the uprigts on the frame cut out and attached. They are made from two layers of 3/4" birch plywood screwed and glued. I had to notch one of them to fit an octagon port. The top ring is also drilled and ready for attachment, but before I do any assembly I have some work to do with the rockler bearing, center leg mounting, shoulder prepping, and bracketing of the uprights with some steel L brackets.