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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Leg Work

I got a little work done on one of R2's legs today. Admittedly, it's only cleaning up and gluing one of them, but it feels good to actually get something done. I am very close being able to get going on the whole droid. Except ffor feet and detail pieces, all I basically need is a plethora of fasteners and some wood for the frame.

Here's the first leg glued together. All I can say if you do one of these yourself, is clamps, clamps, clamps. I used almost all the clamps I had on this leg. I really wan to get the other legs glued up too, but I have to wait to re-use my clamps.


  1. Hey Sulla,

    Love your R2 blog. This build is looking really clean. The clamps with the tags are killing me. Will he be ready for C-5 in Indy?

    -darth_myeek (rpf)

  2. No, not ready for C5 I think, but I will attend. I borrowed half those clamps from my dad. He buys tools in bulk from Harbor Freight and then never uses them. I left the tags on there so I know which ones to give back to him. :)